Major Accident Reponse Exercise – July 28, 2018

The Major Accident Response Exercise is a large scale disaster response drill that happens prior to the Air Show at Offutt Air Force Base.   This is a large scale event involving many agencies and organizations.  One of those is the Omaha Metro Medical Response System (OMMRS) .   OMMRS is a coalition of hospitals and other medical support locations across the region.

Since its inception, OMMRS has used amateur radio as a backup method of communication.     While our job is tertiary, it is no less important that we continue to drill with the hospitals.  Not only to ensure the equipment in good working condition but to keep our relationship with the staff of the hospitals.

Of course the system does not work without volunteers,  we need YOU!   After last year’s hurricane season we have seen that communications systems can be overloaded even with out failing,  Using amateur radio to report routine information between responders and event organizers helps to keep the phones and public service radios available for more pressing matters during a real event.

The event is scheduled to start at 9:30, so we would want you at your assigned location my 9:00 am.   All role players (aka “victims) should be returned to Offutt AFB by 2:45, however the OMMRS part of the drill generally ends much earlier.

Please take a few hours out of your day on July 28th  – you can sign up at this link: