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Severe Storm Spotter Training

March 13, 2020 Update: To limit staff and public exposure to COVID-19, we have cancelled all in-person spotter training talks until further notice. In the meantime, we will hold virtual, online training sessions at 7 pm on March 17th, March 19th, March 24th, and March 26th. Each session will be identical and you only need to register for one.  To attend this training in the comfort of your home, you will need to register using the following link:  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. We may add more sessions if needed.

Lesson 3 – Pro Signs

Pro-Signs give diction to the net.  Proper use will promote discipline and maintain net continuity.   The following pro-signs will be obverved.

OVER:     Implies end of transmision, and a response is required.  Wait for the response.

OUT:        Implise end of transmission and a response is not required, put your microphone down

PLEASE WAIT:  Used to notify a  station to wait for a response

BREAK:   Will not be used in a Douglas County ARES Net.  This included double and triple breaks

PRIORITY:   Implies a message of a specific time duration or a message concerning the saftey of personnel.

EMERGENCY:   Implies a message of the utmost urgency or message concerning life or death of personnel.